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The Brownback Family

The Brownback Family

Spiral Path Farm is a certified organic farm located in Perry County. Our family farm is located near Loysville and consists of 255 diverse acres. The farm has been under the care of the Brownback Family since 1978. Terra and Mike Brownback call Spiral Path Farm their home. In addition. Both sons, Will and Lucas, have joined on board with us here as 2nd generation farmers. Spiral Path Farm is also home to Will's wife, Deirdre, and their children; Khaya, Jonas, and Isla. Our oldest grandaughter, Ivory, is currently studying at NYU.
Spiral Path Farm raises a wide variety of certified organic vegetables, herbs and annual fruits. We are committed to farming practices, which protect and nurture the soil, while providing healthy, farm-fresh produce.

The Brownback Family moved to scenic western Perry County from suburban Philadelphia, PA in the 1970s. Nestled between the Tuscarora and Blue Mountain ranges, Spiral Path Farm began as a 60-acre conventional farm, growing corn, hay, wheat, oats and other small grains.

While tending our fledgling farm, we also kept an organic vegetable garden for our family. The farm was successful, but we made a philosophical decision in 1991 to stop raising crops via conventional methods and transition the entire farm to organic methods, as had always been our dream and goal.

Becoming a certified organic farm requires that we eliminated the use of toxic chemicals and fertilizers. Every year the farm undergoes a rigorous inspection and organic certification process to insure that our produce is free of harmful chemicals. We believe that our stewardship of the land promotes a living soil, which grows healthy plants from which we harvest flavorful and nutritious food. Spiral Path Farm is certified by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.

In 2007, we preserved the farm, having made the decision to keep the land out of development and ensure that it remained as agricultural land.
We donated a conservation easement which is adminstered by The Central Pennsylvania Conservancy.

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