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Our CSA Deliveries Serve Two Geographic Areas:

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South Central PA - Prices

Silver Spring MD - Prices

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Share Sizes Available:

Share Delivery

FULL Share Membership

Our Full Share is designed for those who enjoy home-meal cooking & love vegetables. We expect the FULL share box to feed a family of 3 or more or a couple with an appetite heavy on veggies. Sometimes, the farm experiments with new crops in a season and if the crop is a success, the FULL Share members will receive that crop, even though that crop is not yet listed on the season's harvest chart. Depending on the crop, the weather and harvest times, FULL Share members might be the first to receive the first of a new crop coming in, i.e. sweet corn, melons. Usually MEDIUM Share and FULL Share members receive the same produce during the same week, but this does vary; the farm has its own rhythms and we make the best decisions for crop harvests and lots of time at the last minute. Each week FULL Share members receive approximately 8-14 produce items, occasionally more or less.

MEDIUM Share Membership

Our Medium Share is designed to feed a family of two, which does depend greatly on amount of time you are involved in home-meal prep and the number of vegetable lovers in your household. MEDIUM Share members receive approximately 6-12 produce items, occasionally more or less. MEDIUM Share members will receive less produce, of course, than FULL Share members, but over the entire season, will receive most or all of the harvest chart items, except in the event of crop failure. When we pack the boxes here at the farm, MEDIUM Share members will receive a smaller portion of produce, i.e. med size cabbage for medium members, large size cabbage for FULL member & i.e. less ears of sweet corn, i.e. medium sized salad mix, and i.e. medium sized green beans. To accommodate variety and larger vegetables, selections are divided between weeks at our discretion, i.e. Medium Share members might receive a Butternut Squash every other week and the FULL share members could receive one butternut every week.

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