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What Our Members Tell Us

We always enjoy hearing from our members, by e-mail, letter, or survey-submitted from the website. We learn membership needs, wants, and letters of praise encourage us too.

Our thanks to all of you who take the time to keep in touch with us.

Here is a brief lisitng of what our members have shared, mostly from survey feedback.

  • We have been very pleased with the quality and variety of the produce. I look forward to our delivery and even my kids are anxious to see what's in the box
  • Every week when I pick up, I feel like a kid at Christmas! I can hardly wait to get to the car to see what's inside!
  • I appreciate the notes and recipes for some of the more unusual items
  • Thanks for all your wonderful, delicious produce, excellent service, and extremely reasonable prices
  • We so enjoy the produce and are so pleased we joined this year. Our youngest child, has enjoyed many "firsts" from your farm that made her say "YUMM
  • I can't wait to open the box and see what's inside. We've tried veggies we've never eaten before... and liked them
  • I was so excited to get my first was like opening a present!! We used some of the potatoes and broccoli tonight for dinner....delish!
  • I am new to the organic share from you... I have to tell you how much I loved the recipe that you included with the produce. Also, the produce tastes sooo good and fresh... we are so happy that we did this ... The spinach tasted great yesterday... now I just need to know how to cook with spring onions... it is something I have never used before but am excited to learn.
  • Thanks again for your notes and recipes... I am already looking forward to next Wednesday.
  • this was our first CSA experience. It was basically what I had hoped for ... we really felt like we were forging a connection with our food, we are thrilled to have such an easy way to get a lot of organic produce into our house
  • Super fresh tasting and so much better the chain stores-was also trying to improve my eating habits and add more variety.
  • Excellent - love to hear about the farm happenings, and the recipes are great
  • I love my membership in Spiral Path. It is great to be more closely connected to those who grow the food we eat.
  • to be honest my girlfriend begged me to do this and I did not really want to but certainly saw the benefit of it once we started with it. I will definitely do it again next year!
  • excellent - so fresh & the best vegetables I have ever had
  • loved the surprises each week freshness and taste unbelievable will do it again
  • was very happy, I enjoyed trying new vegetables, I also thought some of the produce was better than anything I've gotten at the Grocery store, or even the farmers market
  • We have truly appreciated and enjoyed our membership in the CSA. The variety of vegetables is wonderful. It is like getting a gift every week.
  • Liked medium size a lot. It worked well for our family of 4 (2 small children who don't eat all of the variety of veggies)
  • The farm is awesome, great food and atmosphere. Had tons of fun picking beans and herbs.
  • our 1st time with a CSA. Fantastic. So much produce. Our family ate more than we ever have. It was a game to eat it all gone by the next CSA pickup. We ended up trying so many new recipes.
  • As we are vegans, we are extremely happy with the experience and will be first in line to sign up next year
  • The overall quality was wonderful, it was like I had never really tasted vegetables before I tried these
  • I just deeply appreciate all the work and commitment your family puts in to be sure you meet your goals as a CSA and which efforts bring wonderful organic foods to our tables. We are very fortunate to have you nearby.
  • please keep doing what you do. It is wonderful service and product.
  • always thankful to be able to come and see like -minded people, enjoy the beauty, enjoy the extras, love being able to pick own hot peppers and cut own herbs, great idea to do these items in that way.
  • What an amazing way to introduce my boys to different foods/different ways of eating foods! They're trying things I never would have dreamed of serving them. Looking forward to all the healty foods this summer and fall.
  • You provide a wonderful service and a healthy one. I love to be surprised every week by what is in the box.I also love the fact that you put the recipes for some of the items in with the food.
  • Thank you for this week's treats!!!!! I actually ate the lettuce on the drive home from pickup. At this exact moment my oldest is face down in pesto made from your basil. I am so enjoying our relationship!

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