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Delicatta Squash

Delicata squash, also known as sweet potato squash (tastes similar too). With its yellow skin with green stripes and oblong shape, this wintersquash differs from others due to its soft texture. The delicata squash, unlike butternut or spaghetti squash, can be easily chopped and diced and does not require roasting or baking to soften its flesh.

Delicata squash provides provide vitamin A and vitamin C, some of the B vitamins and are a good source of fiber. One cup of cooked squash contains about 100 calories.

Delicata squash hold their shape well through cooking, making them a good choice for stuffing with grains, meats or cheese, and baking. Peel or leave skin on and roast. Braise, steam, stew or boil diced squash and add to soups or purees. Slice into rings, removing seeds, and roast with oil, herbs or spices. Delicata squash are a hard-skinned, winter variety and keep well at room temperature for weeks.

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