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Turnip - Asian

The turnip is a root vegetable commonly grown in temperate climates worldwide for its white, bulbous taproot. Asian turnip is extirely white.

The leaves of the turnip can be eaten as "turnip greens" and they resemble mustard greens in flavor. Turnip leaves are smaller and more tender than their cousin, collards. Their slightly bitter flavor is delicious. Turnip greens are a common side dish in southeastern US cooking, primarily during late fall and winter. Smaller leaves are preferred; however, any bitter taste of larger leaves can be reduced by pouring off the water from initial boiling and replacing it with fresh water.

In the Southern United States, stewed turnips are eaten as a root vegetable in the autumn and winter.

Prep Tips:

Cut stems on turnips to 1/2 inch from the turnip bulb. Scrub and remove all dirt. Peel to enjoy the turnip as pure white.

Grate raw and add to a salad.

Storage Tips:

If you have purchased turnip greens with roots attached, remove them from the root. Store root and greens in separate plastic bags, removing as much of the air from the bags as possible. Place in refrigerator where the greens should keep fresh for about 4 days.

Harvest Season:

April - June
October - December

Farm Recipe:

Roasted Turnips

If turnips are all the same size, leave whole. If turnips are different sizes, cut to match all to an even size.

Melt 3 T butter on medium heat in a heavy skillet. Allow butter to just begin to brown Add the turnips and liberal amounts salt and pepper (and/or favorite chopped herbs) and sauté for another 5 minutes.

If you have a cast iron pan, simply place your skillet with sautéed turnips in oven at 350 degrees for 30-60 minutes to roast the turnips. If no cast iron skillet, move turnips and ALL browned butter to a casserole dish (turnips should be single layer).

Time of roasting depends on the turnip piece size. Watch the timing, until a sharp knife can pierce the turnips easily-- then they are finished.

You may serve immediately or chill and use as an appetizer with your favorite dip.

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