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Pre-season Newsletter

Snow, Rain, and Extreme winds. All in the same week. How does this impact us and does it affect the start of our growing season?

Although snow in April is a rare occurrence, the early spring cold temperatures are nothing new on our farm. Luckily, the first several weeks of CSA produce is all protected under our high tunnels; built specifically for season extension and anxiety prevention! Pair that with our winter storage sheds and our members can expect to see lots of fresh greens, potatoes, and onions at the start of the season.

We always hope for a good hard freeze over the winter months. Crops that are planted in the fall, like garlic and strawberries, need to become dormant in their natural habitat. If the ground were to constantly freeze and thaw, the soil would cause them to heave from the ground due to the contraction and expansion from the changing temperatures. We also hope for a lot of snow coverage that helps keep the ground cold and stabilizes temperatures by blanketing the earth. Just in case we do not get a lot of snow, which has become the case in recent years, we now cover our strawberries and garlic rows with straw to add an extra layer of protection. This also helps tremendously with erosion control. Both crops are looking good! The strawberry harvest will all depend on the weather from now until June...

The wind keeps ripping over the farm and we luckily have made it so-far without damage to our power lines, trees, and structures. At this point, rainy weather and lack of sunlight is our biggest concern. We have had a lot of dark and dreary days that are not helpful to plants needing to produce chlorophyll to grow. Spring rain is always expected but we absolutely need a couple of sunny days in between to dry out our fields. Once a field is safely dried out, we can get in, till, and plant without harming our precious soil in the process. This week, we were able to get our first outdoor transplanting of spinach, radishes, and kale. More headed to the field soon as the weather permits.

Our first farmer's market and CSA delivery begins on Saturday, April 21st – two short weeks away! All of us at Spiral Path are very excited to get our hands back in the dirt and fresh local produce back in our own kitchens and to your families!


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