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Week of July 3

This week's *tentative CSA menu:

Full Share
Garlic Scapes
Mixed Greens
Sweet Potatoes
Green/Purple Basil
Black Raspberries

Medium Share
Mixed Greens
Sweet Potatoes
Garlic Scapes

Hard to believe that it's July, until you look at a thermometer! It feels like time is passing quickly as we get busier into the depths of summer harvest and plantings. Another hot week is ahead of us and it seems like everything is growing inches by the day, especially the sweet corn. Ever heard of the phrase "knee-high by the fourth of July?" In our local farming region, a well-growing crop of corn should be about 2 ½ feet tall by the first week of July and I am happy to report that the plants are looking good and are already tasseling! Our sweet corn should be making an appearance by the end of this month and through until early September. Other summer goodies are soon on their way like our sweet white onions, due to be freshly pulled in a couple of weeks, once they size up. Our tender Asian eggplant is on its first harvest this week and we will continue to have this variety for about a month and then moving into larger Italian eggplant. The black raspberry crop is ripening strong this year, delicious and quite the rarity in the food world. Our "sugar cube" cantaloupe vines are growing and will be producing later this month. Green peppers, garlic, and shallots are all July crops as well. As for the long-awaited tomatoes... they're coming! All plants are staked, flowering, and looking strong. We have an early indoor crop of San Marzano plum tomatoes coming very soon followed by all the outdoor waves. This year, you can look forward to many different varieties of tomatoes: heirlooms, red rounds, plums, grapes, cherries, and even tomatillos (ready for PYO at the up-coming Open Farm Day). So much to come, hopefully you are rewarded with flavor at every meal for your patience and commitment to eating locally, in-season!

Khaya's Korner
Hi everyone. Khaya here. Today I was thinking about the fun events that we have in the summer- Open Farm Days. At our set date, CSA members can come and visit the farm. After passing through registration, you can participate in many fun activities. You will be given a veggie coupon to spend at our extra veggie stand. There are other stands too, where you can buy an assortment of food and drinks, from ice tea to pizza. Sometimes we have a hay ride, where my grandpa Mike drives a tractor with a wagon attached. The wagon is covered with straw, where you can sit and take in the scenery. Mike will stop at various times to show different parts of the farm/ fun facts/ crops. Open Farm Days are a lot of fun, and this year you should attend! Ciao, Khaya Brownback

Gold Zucchini Fritters excellent side dish or meal on its own
Makes -11 (4 inch) fritters
Whisk these ingredients together in a small bowl or spouted bowl, let set to enliven herbs while you prep the zucchini:
3 eggs
½ t minced dried garlic
1 t salt
2 t Italian dry seasonings
¼ C milk
Grate gold zucchini (or green) leave skins on. Measure 3 Cups and set aside
Add to egg mix and whisk: 1 C flour and 1t baking powder
Add to batter: 3 C grated zucchini, stir with a wooden spoon
Fritter batter now ready to fry
Have ready before starting to fry fritters: 11 slices of provolone or mozzarella cheese and ¼ C minced fresh cilantro or parsley. Line a baking sheet with paper towel to receive the hot cooked fritters
Pour ¼ to ½ C olive oil into a large heavy skillet, and heat on high until oil is very hot, not smoking. Turn heat down just a bit to med-high. Drop zucchini fritter batter into skillet by ¼ C (approx. 3-4 will fit per skillet). Fry until edges are crispy and brown, approximately 2 minutes -flip with a metal spatula. Cook another 3 minutes. Remove to paper towels, top with a slice of cheese and a generous pinch of fresh herb; hot fritter and melting cheese will enliven the fresh herb flavors. Continue to fry all the fritters
Best piping hot; but you can do ahead and reheat gently.

Raspberry Delight Great dessert dish for summer because it requires NO baking!!
2 C black Raspberries
½ C sugar
4 T cornstarch whisked into ¼ C water
Cook berries and sugar in saucepan until comes to a full boil. Turn to simmer and slowly pour in the cornstarch mix, stirring constantly, will thicken. Continue to stir another minute. Remove from heat and thoroughly chill.
2 C graham cracker crumbs
½ C melted butter
2 T sugar
Toss together in a 9x13 pan and press evenly into the bottom of pan. Place in refrigerator
2 C whip cream, original recipe calls for cool whip but you can make your own
8 oz pkg. cream cheese softened
¼ C 10X sugar
Blend these together and then spread over graham cracker crust. Thoroughly chill and then spread chilled raspberry filling on top. Dust with ¼ C graham cracker crumbs to finish off the look.

Beets and Chard (or beet greens)
3 cups Shredded Swiss Chard
3 Fresh Beets (peeled, cubed, and roasted)
1/2 cup Shelled Pistachios
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar
3 tablespoon Fresh Orange Juice
Kosher Salt & Cracked Pepper
Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
Cut the ends of the beets off and peel with a potato peeler.
Cube the beets into 1 inch pieces.
Toss the beets with the olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Spread on the baking sheet so that the cubes are not touching each other.
Roast at 375 F for 30 minutes. When beets have cooled down, toss everything in a mixing bowl and enjoy!


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