USDA Certified Organic Since 1994

 Each year, we go through rigorous inspections to verify that the food we grow meets the qualifications of the USDA under PCO (Pennsylvania Certified Organic).  

Certified Organic ensures that the food you are eating has been grown from non-GMO seeds and without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.


Our Growing Practices

  • We do not use any type of animal manure or fertilizers on our produce!
    We rely strictly on our own vermicomposting system right here on the farm, from vegetable grade-outs, that we accredit to playing a major role in the farm’s fertility

  • Worms (vermicomposting) are our hardest workers. Our composting system aims at maximizing on- farm resources such as produce grade-outs and hay harvested from fallow land, combined with selected minerals to enhance the biological components of the soil. Full transformation of the wasted produce into living material that nurtures the soil and crops- increasing nutrient density; allowing the farm to become a “farmacy.”

  • We Protect the Soil with cover crops, erosion control, and conservation measures such as: contours on slopes, waterways of grass in steep areas, grassy roadways between fields.

  • We adamantly believe in Crop Rotation and extensive Soil Testing.

  • We are proudly 100% energy sustainable! Which means we produce more than we use annually.
    In 2010 - we installed a 145 kW solar panel array. Will, 2nd generation, graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and returned to the farm in 2008. He designed the system and worked hard to apply for federal and state grants to help with the financing of the project. We are grid-tied.

OMRI (Organic Methods and Research Institute) does have organically approved biological sprays that can be used if under “insect pressure” but we work hard to use other preventative methods to deal with pests and disease in a way that does not affect our beloved ecosystem that the food is grown in.

GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certificate

Field and Post-Harvest Audits


“We strive to build vibrant soils that enhance flavor and nutrition”

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Keep the Soil in Organic!

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