Frequently Asked Questions

What Does "CSA" Stand For?

Community Supported Agriculture. Click here to read more.

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Is everything grown at Spiral Path Farm organic?

YES, Spiral Path Farm is a 100% certified organic operation since 1994. More Growing Practices

Can we choose which veggies are in the CSA share?

No, we the farmers select the fresh variety that goes into your share each week. Every box is packed with the same selection of produce, according to what is being harvested that week. All boxes are packed identically according to share size.

Do you deliver / Where can I pick-up my membership box?

We offer over 40 pick-up locations in South-Central PA and at our farmer's market stands in Silver Spring, MD and Bethesda, MD. Click here to view our CSA delivery sites.

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Full Share vs. Medium Share?

Our Full share is designed to feed a family of 4 or more each week, while the Medium is sized for a household of 1-3. Click here to read more about our share sizes/portions.

total season vs. the summer share season?

Total Season members will experience the entire array of our 35-week growing season that goes from mid-April through mid-December. Our 20-week Summer Share delivers from June through mid-October and is designed for members who are more interested in the heavier premium items like tomatoes, melons, and sweet corn. Click here to view our harvest chart.

Can I visit the farm at any time?

No, we are a real operating farm/business that is not open to the public. Sorry, but we are not able to take time out of any given day to greet/meet our members. We want to make sure we are farming and doing everything to help the growing process. However, we DO want to meet with you and share our beautiful farm. Please join us here at the farm on one of our exclusive Open Farm Days.

Are Open Farm Days "FOR MEMBERS ONLY"?

Yes, our Open Farm Days are for CSA members only on selected Saturday’s from 9 am to 2 pm. On Open Farm Days, members can visit the farm with their extended families and friends to PYO herbs, flowers, and other featured crops. Open Farm Days provide our members with the opportunity to see the fields where your organic produce is grown and have your family experience a taste of farm life. At each Open Farm Day, we offer complimentary in-season produce “extras”, hayride tours of the farm, and kid activities. Dates and details for Open Farm Days are announced during the season in the weekly newsletter, and in your membership confirmation letter.

Do you offer a gift certificate option?

Yes, we can create and provide a gift certificate for a 4-week Sampler Share OR any dollar amount off of a membership. CSA memberships are an excellent choice for anniversary, wedding, Christmas gift, etc. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you are interested.

Can I order smaller quantities for a single person?

Our smallest share option is the MEDIUM sized for 1-3 people. We suggest sharing a membership with a friend, family member, or neighbor. We also offer many of our produce items at your local Wegmans.

Can members share a box?

Yes, you can share a membership. We ask that the membership be listed under one name only. That membership name will be listed on the check-off sheet at your site. We do ask that sharing members do not split their produce up at the delivery site. Please take your box home and do the splitting there.

Do you give refunds?

We do not offer refunds. Please see our shareholder agreement

What would I do with vegetables that I don't use enough of or like?

Many of our members have been pleasantly surprised to try our recipes with new vegetables, which they previously had never considered. If there are still some vegetables that you don't like, you can share them with family/friends/co-workers. If there are too many vegetable dislikes on the harvest chart, Spiral Path Farm CSA may not be for you. We cannot custom pack boxes per individual tastes.

Do any extra vegetables go to food banks?

Yes, since 1996, our farm adamantly donates our extra produce each week to several different organizations including: Project Share, Central PA Food Bank, Perry County Senior Center, Speranza Animal Rescue, and through our Green Tithing Program that benefits over 70 families in our local area each week. In addition, after the close of our farmer's market stands in Washington D.C. on the weekends, all produce is donated to M.A.N.A. and Shepard’s Table.

Do you recycle boxes - is that safe?

Yes, we do re-use the membership boxes repeatedly. We take care to keep all of your produce safe both with organic inspections and food safety inspections. Each week we use a new liner in each box. The liners are 100% bio-degradable and adhere to important food safety laws.

What about Food Safety?

Being organic growers, our mission is to produce food that is both safe and nutritious for your health. We have in place both Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for our fields and Good Management Practices for our packhouse and cold storage. We have Independent Third Party Audits completed during every growing season. Click here to view our certificates.

Do you offer Bulk produce for sale?

Yes, we do to our CSA members-only through their online account. Bulk items will become available by the case as we experience an overabundance or bump crop harvest. Bulk tomatoes, peppers, and onions are all typically available from August - October.