Future Farmer Scholarship

Created in remembrance of their son Arias, Mike and Terra Brownback established the
Arias M. Brownback Memorial Scholarship Fund through the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture. It is their sincere hope that this memorial scholarship will inspire and aid young farmers to reach their full potential. The fund is intended as an endowment to help youth and other developing farmers attend the PASA Farming for the Future Conference each year. The scholarship sent 80 recipients to the 2017 PASA conference at Penn State. Thanks to all who helped by contributing.

big tree.jpg

THE BIG TREE, a healthy oak. This tree overlooks our farm at the top of the hill-- we planted this oak as a small sapling back in the spring of 2002, months after our son Arias passed from this world at the age of 24. Our hearts were broken. The loss of a child is intense, indescribable; it changes how we feel it and understand it as time moves along. Arias was just 11 months old when we moved to the farm in western Perry county; he was with us as we farmed and worked hard to learn our craft. He is such a big part of who we are and where we are now.

All life is precious - Terra Brownback